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Hindi TV Serials – Geet Hui Sabse Parayi – Tragedy strikes the couple, with an accident striking Mann

The serial, which showcased the couple overcoming various issues and problems, coming back together. They have gone through several instances where there has been some sort of objection t0 their romance and marriage, including their own egos; and have managed to overcome these problems. Finally, they are now married, and have shown some more understanding by foregoing the traditional physical intimacy because of Geet’s pregnancy, and the advice given by Doctors to take it easy.
Mann surprises his grandmother to a tremendous extent, going to office on the first day after his marriage, not showing the slightest trend towards going on a honeymoon. She decides to pack them off to Shimla for a honeymoon, not caring in the least for the various denials expressed by Mann. They finally make it to Shimla, after donating their seats to an elderly couple who desperately want to get to Shimla. And then, when they reach their hotel, something suspicious starts to happen; their room is decorated with flowers, they are offered the best lunch in the house, all due to the manager of the hotel. Mann is very suspicious, and decides to find out more, and then finds out that Dev (in an incredible coincidence), is the manager of the hotel. Mann confronts Dev, not ready to listen to anything that Dev has to say, and then warns him to stay away from Geet. However, Geet finally finds out that Dev is the manager of the hotel.
Tragedy strikes when in a car accident, Mann is hospitalized in a critical condition, and there is an urgent need to blood, and Mann has a rare blood group AB- which is not easily found, and everywhere a search for this blood does not find it (including Arjun and Annie searching for the blood). Finally Geet has to go to Dev in order to get the required blood group, not something that she really likes to do.

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