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Hindi TV Serial – Laagi Tujhse Lagan – Dutta defeats Kalavati, turns her out of the house rather than killing her

After many weeks of turmoil, the battle between Kalavati and Dutta (and very very strongly supported by Nakusha) finally came to an end. Kala seemed to have all the strong points, since she has all the family tied up (including the very strong supporter of Dutta, Baaji), the gang members believe that Dutta is now out action and hence they decide to support Kala, another family family Sudershan also supports her since he believes that he is capable of playing the role of Baaji and Dutta was never going to give him that chance, and most important of all, Dutta was out of action since he had almost totally lost his eyesight and without it, his overall power was much reduced.
Dutta and Nakku were running away from the wrath of Kala, looking for a way to regain their strength and power, and finally came to a stop inside the jungle, in a small establishment. Here, they get to know about a possible cure for the eye problem through a medicine made from some natural herbs, but it is hard to find those herbs. In the meantime, Kala’s men are also looking for Dutta and Nakku and find Nakku when she has managed to find these herbs after some hard looking (Nakku will always manage to find anything that can help Dutta). She manages to persuade the men to stop looking for Dutta and instead take her, and since these men do not know anything about these herbs, she is able to leave them there. So, finally Dutta gets treated, and his eyes get cured. He then sees the photos sent by Kala (which shows his family bound and being tortured by Kala’s men) and goes back to the fight, where Kala has given a challenge to Dutta, but he manages to overcome everything and defeat Kala.
Now, in the end, Dutta leaves Kala alive based on requests from Nakku, but Kala goes while promising revenge. And in a twist, it seems like Dutta will leave the show, and his main Guru will take over.

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