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Hindi TV Serial – Pavitra Rishta – The drama related to unsuccessful attempts by Varsha to adopt a child

The serial is as usual going through many twists and turns; it seems that the objective of the serial is to show a lot of drama in the lives of its people, and this drama goes on all the time. So, at this point, the serial shows the drama in the lives of all the […]

Hindi TV Serial – Geet – The separation between Mann and Geet drags on

The serial takes the story between these 2 people in love with each other, keeps on giving them distances between each other, and then brings them together. For many of these instances, the distances get caused due to circumstances such as the revelation of the news that it was Mann’s own brother Dev who had […]

Hindi TV Serial – Navya – A new serial on Star Plus about the trials and life of a young college girl

There are many serials on TV that show characters having the conflict between the challenges of a modern life, and the contrast this brings to the life of a young college girl who lives within a traditional family. For such a situation, there are a number of challenges that can come up, which can force […]

Hindi TV Serial – Gunahon Ka Devta – Arpita dies after falling from the terrace and being thrown into the river

The serial has given a big shock to all its viewers. The serial started out with the love between Avdesh Thakur, a big gangster of the area, and a young girl named Arpita. They eventually marry, even though the elder sister-in-law of Avdesh has not been in favor of Arpita, and always tried some way […]