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Hindi TV Serial – Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani – Full battle between Abhay and Siddharth over who will bite Piya

So far the serial has only seen vampires who have been good; so Abhay is the one with super powers and the only thing that we see him do in a negative mode has been to hurt Danish, but otherwise he stays away from people; only using his powers to help Piya (and the people whom she is close to). His parents Chand and Hasina also want to ensure that people do not get to know about them, and as a result, don’t exhibit their powers. They can seem menacing at times, but one never really sees them doing something that would be seen as wholly negative.
And then enters Siddharth as the suave young businessman, the one who is charming and a rival to Chand. And then the history is learnt. He is another vampire, a more evil one, who was the actual brother to Abhay, but who also wanted Maithili. He also died at the same time as Abhay, and from that time onwards, there is a bitter rivalry between them, but never as strong as it appears now. This time, there is the girl called Piya, who has the same face as Mythili, and the rivalry that started between them over Mythili continues in the form of Piya.
Piya, on the other hand, starts working for Siddharth, since she does not know anything about this (and one wonders why Abhay cannot tell her anything about this, since he has already told her about him being a vampire); in fact, she sees that Panchi has fallen for his charm and handsome personality (even though she can see that he is a womanizer), and decides to get closer to Siddharth to bring Sid and Panchi closer together. Abhay cannot stand seeing Piya close to Sid (since he knows that Sid is upto no good). Things come to a head when Sid takes Piya to the jungle, in a romantic area, where he plans to convert her into a vampire, and at that critical time, Abhay bites her rather than letting Sid bite her. What happens next ?

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