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Hindi TV Serial – Gunahon Ka Devta – Arpita dies after falling from the terrace and being thrown into the river

The serial has given a big shock to all its viewers. The serial started out with the love between Avdesh Thakur, a big gangster of the area, and a young girl named Arpita. They eventually marry, even though the elder sister-in-law of Avdesh has not been in favor of Arpita, and always tried some way of showing down Arpita while not making it obvious. But Arpita had always been dedicated to Avdesh and overcomes all issues and problems.
Avdesh gets into problems when a police official decides that he wants to get rid of Avdesh and targets Avdesh with all the power that he has; Arpita on the other hand wants to ensure that Avdesh gives up all his crimes, his being a gangster and tries to keep on ensuring that he does not directly confront the police officer; this involves a long game of hiding from the police officer when he chases Avdesh,including struggling in the jungle.
But, things start turning a bit bad for Arpita when she gets implicated in a scam by Ranvijay. He threatens her that he will prevent the marriage of Avdesh’s sister unless Arpita sends the night with him. She is very puzzled by this, since she knows that if she tells Avdesh, he will take direct and hard action. However, this problem drags her down since due to a turn in circumstances, it becomes known that she had gone to Ranvijay’s house and Avdesh also gets to know about this; he refuses to believe this initially when he hears about this, but slowly becomes convinced.
When he asks Arpita about this, he gets suspicious about her behaviour, and even though she asks him to believe her, he pushes her away. In this situation, she falls down from the terrace, and then Bauji’s man throws her into the river, where she dies. Her body is brought back to the house, and she is then cremated. The rider in this is that Arpita will apparently come back to the show in the form of another girl.

5 comments to Hindi TV Serial – Gunahon Ka Devta – Arpita dies after falling from the terrace and being thrown into the river

  • b

    i want to watch the episode could you add a link there is no need to inform me

  • after seeing the last two episode thta pihu is notarpita.reason are
    1}bond between the familly-the bond that mamiji-pihu-pawan share cannot be made in few days.mamiji treat pihu as her daughter.this can only develop when the person is living with u from many year
    2}an introvert shy girl cannot change into extrvert fun loving,daring girl in a the intial episode when avdesh came to kidnap chirag arpita was just witnessing it.but yesterday she was rearing to give avi and his gang a piece of mind even though she doesnt know them.thtas why mamiji locked her fearing she would start fighting with goon
    3)she is showing no sign of revenge mood.she is happy in her world.if she was arpita she would bbe ploting against bahuji but pihu doesnt know her.
    well this is my tell me what do u feel is pihu arpita or not?

  • i want to watch the next episode from the arpita falling to the river because i cant wait for monday i love this drama searel all of the acters are perfact

  • i love this drama

  • I thought it was about Novel ” GUNAHO KA DEVATA” by Dharmveer Bharti..

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