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Hindi TV Serial – Pavitra Rishta – The drama related to unsuccessful attempts by Varsha to adopt a child

The serial is as usual going through many twists and turns; it seems that the objective of the serial is to show a lot of drama in the lives of its people, and this drama goes on all the time. So, at this point, the serial shows the drama in the lives of all the people, whether this be Maanav, Archana, Varsha, Satheesh, Savita, Sulochana, Vaishu, etc.
So, there is a big drama in the life of Maanav and Archana. Maanav had a partnership with Ajith, as a result of which he had started running a successful business. However, Ajith reverted to his old habits, that of being a compulsive gambler, and this was something that Maanav strongly objected to; this peaked when Ajith borrowed a lot of money to gamble, using the name of Maanav. Eventually, when Ajith refused to stop his habit of gambling, they broke up with each other and closed down the business; and this separation has been a bit sharp, since they are not even polite to each other now.
On the other side, there is a big news in the life of Satheesh and Varsha; ever since they discovered that Varsha cannot get pregnant, they slowly move towards the option of adopting a baby; and they even convinced Satheesh’s mother for this, to the extent that she was enthusiastic about this. There was just one problem, what would the adoption board say if they knew that Varsha had done an abortion. So, Varsha also tells Archana to tell Maanav that under no circumstances should he disclose that Varsha had an abortion; but Archana does not tell Maanav and as a result, the news get disclosed and the adoption board refuses to allow Varsha to adopt. This literally breaks up Varsha and she tells off Archana and Maanav for being the cause for this.
In the meantime, Soluchana tells Savitha that her behavior is very bad, and that Archana was just trying to get her angry to as to get her out of her depression, and if she continues this way, everybody will abandon Savita.

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