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Hindi TV Serial – Ballika Vadhu – the conflict between Jagya, and his parents, since he has left Anandi and is now staying with Gauri

Things are coming to a confrontation point on the serial, with a major confrontation brewing between Jagdish and his parents over his choice of behavior. The serial is also finally raising a few questions on child marriage, and how this decision of a child marriage can impact the later life of the ones who get married.
So, Jagya and Gauri have completed their initial set of medical studies, and after his time in the big city, Jagya no longer can stand his home village (seeing the city as much more glamorous, as the place to be) and now also considers Anandi to be very rustic, plain and no longer feels attracted to her. He has fallen in love with Gauri, and she with him, although she does not know the truth about him. Jagya has also lost his friendship with his friends since they do not understand his decision to break off with Anandi.
Anandi has understood that Jagya has broken off with her, and is very sad about this, although this was clear to her over a period of time. However, when his family gets to know about the entire situation, they are very very disappointed. His father, Bhairon, has a heated argument with Jagya, and slaps him when he sees that Jagya is adamant. Further, Jagya blames his child marriage for whatever is happening, and says that his family did the child marriage which causes problems. Bhairon then disowns Jagya.
And then Jagya’s mother, Sumitra gets involved. She decides to go to Mumbai on her own, without even telling anybody and just leaves a letter. Everybody is worried about how she will managed in a big city, but after being tricked by a taxi driver, she finally makes it to meet Jagya, who listens to her but does not agree. Finally, she slaps Jagya, and leaves, but is not to be found now.
Next, we will see a scene where Gauri finally learns about Jagya’s family and his marriage, and then the main question will be about what to do ?

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