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Hindi TV Serial – Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani – revealing the truth of Siddharth, and his determination to go ahead

The serial is becoming much more interesting. There is some buzz that the serial will see the death of Siddharth in some time, and will also see a time movement of the serial by one year (a jump by one year). The serial is seeing 2 very interesting twists: There is the sudden presence of Mythili (who was dead more than a hundred years back, but is now back as another vampire); Siddharth seems surprised to see her there, but he is the one who has kept her and he will try to send Mythili as an evil personage out to take the place of Pia. And then you have the presence of the elderly gentleman who claims to a person who can find vampires and kills them (if you can kill a vampire).
On the other hand, Siddharth is taking Pia to show her something (Pia can be the most stubborn and seemingly idiotic character of the serial in some ways). She is willing to believe Siddharth over Abhay, who has done so much for her over the past, saved her life many times. Abhay is also trying to follow them so as to save Pia from Siddharth, even though she is blocking his thoughts and refusing to listen to what he is saying. Haseena also wants to come and save him.
Further, in another twist, Arnaab has got the vampire hunter to come to explain to his family who Siddharth actually is (remember, if somebody suddenly comes and tells you that the to-be son-in-law of the family is a vampire, then how would you react ?). They are not sure whether to believe him or not, but then Arnaab explains that Siddharth was the one who actually kidnapped and then threatened Arnaab with harm to Panchi if Arnaab told somebody about what Siddharth has done.

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