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Hindi Movie – Kambakkht Ishq (released in 2009) – starring Akshay Kumar, and Kareena Kapoor – A loud movie that I did not really like

The movie was an above average release for 2009. In addition, it was also the first movie in Hindi Cinemas, that features cameo roles from such international stars such as Sylvester Stallone, Denise Richards, Brandon Routh and Holly Valance. The movie is shot abroad, and is also set in Los Angeles. With a hot set of lead stars, international celebrities, and expected good music, the movie was hotly awaited. The collections for the first weekend were good enough to declare the movie a hit. However, when the movie was finally released, it was a disappointment and was savaged by many critics. The movie was a loud movie, I did not find the humour in good taste, and the songs were just about okay. The only thing that seemed fine was the cameo role of Sylvester Stallone. The rest, including the supposed hot role of Denise Richards seemed to leave me cold; and of course when you are showing a movie with a stuntman, you expect a lot more action scenes, and those were almost totally missing.

The movie is based on a strange battle of the sexes, that can be very sexist and not make a lot of sense. Akshay and Kareena meet at the marriage of his brother and her friend, and clash with each other, and even later when they meet by accident in Italy. He is a famous stuntman, and she is a medical student who models to earn money for her medical school tuition. Things come to a head when he lands up on her surgical table, the final step in her evaluation. And since this is a Hindi movie, by mistake she leaves a small watch inside him, with the watch loudly making a sound of “Om Mangalam” every hour; when she finds out, she is horrified, since this could mean that she will have a malpractice case on her and can say goodbye to her hopes of becoming a doctor. As a result, she has to find him, and operate on him before he can find out what the exact problem is; and for this, even if she has to sexually attract him, she will do so.
The rest of the story is of the attempt, and in between, he starts to love her. She takes longer to accept this, and the end is happy. In the meantime the story of the love, divorce case, and love again of the other couple in the story, Aftab Shivdesani, and Amrita Arora keeps on happening.

Kambakkht Ishq (released in 2009) - starring Akshay Kumar, and Kareena Kapoor - A loud movie that I did not really like

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