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Hindi TV Serial – Uttaran – Veer in deep trouble, arrested for charges of rape and assault of Saanchi

All the efforts of Ichcha and Tapu to save Veer from the machinations of Satya and Saanchi have failed for now. Both Ichcha and Tapu had found out about the fact that Satya and Saanchi wanted to trick Veer, and Ichcha tried warning Veer. However, Veer refused to believe that anything was wrong, and started getting angry with Ichcha. In the past as well, Ichcha had arrived suddenly, which saved Veer on a couple of occasions, since that prevented Satya from carrying out his plans. Both Ichcha and Tapu had seen Saachi being able to see, while what was projected was that she was blind, and hence unable to see.
The finale for this came when Veer had gone to meet Satya, and Ichcha landed up there suddenly and prevented Veer from drinking something into which Saanchi had mixed something; Veer did not believe that there was anything wrong – he only believed it when Ichcha started feeling the effect of whatever was mixed; and that is when Veer started believing that Satya was against him. Both Satya and Saanchi fled at that point of time, although Veer blocked their accounts.
However, Satya was still confident that his plans will come to a completion, and hence decided to go ahead with his plans – this plan was to get Veer implicated in a plan in which he would land up in severe problem. So, Saanchi was the main instrument in this plan, which happened when Veer came to a hotel and entered a room because he thought that the girl in the room was Ichcha. By the time he had already drunk something that made him almost unconscious, and then Saanchi tore her clothes and started crying, stating that Veer forced himself on her.
In the meantime, Ichcha and others were frantic since they could not find Veer, and they finally found Veer when it was reported that he had tried to rape Saanchi and was arrested by the police, in full media glare.

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