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Hindi TV Serial – Ballika Vadhu – Anandi’s parents come in to demand justice for their daughter

For some weeks now, there is an ongoing drama happening taking the presence of Jagya along with Gauri in the house, and the impact this has brought to the house and its inhabitants. There is a huge amount of unease, since nobody in the house has the ability to accept the presence of Jagya’s new […]

Hindi TV Serial – Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain – Rashmi’s marriage and controversies surrounding it

From what I have seen, Yeh Rishta .. is one of the slowest moving serials in the entire Hindi serials industry. A wedding or some function like that can literally take months to happen in the serial. The current serial is moving through the planning for Rashmi’s marriage, and it is the last marriage in […]

Hindi TV Serial – Pratigya – Delivery of a baby boy of Kesar, Pratigya helps

The serial is undergoing some more tension. Amma is suffering on 2 counts. First Pratigya, in order to show Krishna the reality of everything that he believes, calls Amma in the guise of signing the divorce papers and causes Amma to reveal about all the steps she had taken to portray Pratigya in a bad […]

Hindi TV Serial – Ram Milaayi Jodi – Sweety suffers a miscarriage

In the past, the efforts of Hetal had got her a slap from Ambaji, when she tried to blame Mona for all the problems that Hetal was suffering in her inlaws house. She had also tried to cause problems in the house, and for this, Sweety had already warned her once. Sweety was in the […]