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Hindi TV Serial – Looteri Dulhan – Cheating people on a regular basis, by marring them and deserting them

Once in a while, you hear the story of a person who has cheated some gullible men by marring them and then decamping with their valuables. This is contrary to the story where women are cheated and tormented in their marriage. The story revolves around this girl Billo, from a Haryana family, who is part of the plan to marry older men, then steal all their belongings. In their life, they pretend to be sari traders so that their neighbors think that they make their living from this business.
Billo is not the daughter of the family, she is instead an orphan who was adopted by the family and brought up for the purpose of this cheating. She is an orphan because when she was very young, there was severe flooding in the village and she got separated from the children. Part of her hopes that when she gets married, she also meets her family in the wedding somewhere.
And to her astonishment, in one of these marriages, she does meet her father, who also does her kanyadan and gives her away in marriage. Now, since her real father has given her away, she believes that this is a sign to her to be honest, and she decides that this marriage will be the real thing, and she will do all she can to be good and honest. But, in a twist of fate, things turn out the other way and the person to whom she got married to is already married, and he is married to a lady who is really sick, he needs the Looteri Dulhan for that – to take care of her.
Billo is attached to them, and takes her work seriously. The show changes away from the characters of Billo’s family and towards her new family.

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