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Hindi TV Serial – Balika Vadhu – Shaking of the confidence that Gauri had in Jagya

The last couple of episodes in the serial have been pretty dramatic, with a number of confrontations and harsh words coming in. One of the biggest upsets that has happened in the meeting is the words that Bhairon spoke to Jagya and Gauri.
Gauri has been very confident that she is the legitimate wife of Jagya, and that Anandi was his past. She used this confidence to score points against Anandi a number of times, accusing Anandi of doing whatever she could to get Jagya back, and in the end, just before they leave the house, she accused Anandi of trying to become a doctor so that she can get Jagya back.
At this point, Bhairon could not hold himself anymore and jumps into the discussion. He makes it very clear to Jagya and Gauri about what the actual position in terms of law was. The position is that if a child marriage has happened, when the parties reach legal age, they have another 2 years to revoke the marriage, else it is considered valid. Since Jagya did not take any such step, his marriage with Anandi is the one valid marriage, and the marriage with Gauri is not valid.
Bhairon then made his most important point – that in terms of society and law, the only marriage that Jagya has had is with Anandi, and further, that if somebody marries when their first partner is still alive, then the person is subject to prosecution, and it was only Anandi who prevented Jagya from going to jail.
All this shook everybody in the house, but Gauri was one of the most shaken, since the very foundation of her confidence was shaken. Later, she is ready to kick Jagya out of her life, given the shock she has faced.
On the other hand, Dadisa faced a lot of pressure from people within the household over the action she has taken in trying to hold back Jagya in the house, and the impact this had on Anandi, especially when Anandi suddenly falls sick.

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