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Hindi TV Serial – Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani – Fight between Abhay and Dipannita after Dipannita attacks Haseena

There is a huge amount of rivalry between the Khuranas and the Raichands, which is also because they are two of the most prominent families in Dehra Dun, but this is actually more so because of their true nature. Dipannita and family are werewolves, humans who can turn into wolves (more so when the moon is high), while the Raichands are vampires, who are dead humans who are immortal and very powerful. They realize the true nature of each other, and hence are very apprehensive about each other; more so because Abhay had killed the head of the werewolf family in his battle with Siddharth.
All this is very confusing for people who are not in the secret, since there is so much tension going around, and so much paranormal activity ongoing that people are not sure about what is happening. So, Abhay is a Raichand, while Neel and Jeh are Khuranas. They are all in the same area, and intricately connected to the Dobriyal sisters. Piya was in love with Abhay, until Abhay made her forget everything which had happened for 1 year, and she has only glimpses of these memories. Panchi is engaged to Neel, but has fallen in love with Abhay (although he is not in love with her, since Piya is his one and only love).
Now, at a dinner in the Dobriyal house, there is tension between these 2 households, and when Haseena makes the error of coming out of her house without protection, Dipannita sees a chance to attack and finish this enmity once and for all. Chaand is also weak and is not able to fight as well as he would like. It is then that Abhay comes into the scene and kills Dipannita by sticking a piece of wood into her. Piya calls Jeh, who turns into a werewolf, but when Piya calls the police, they cannot find Dipannita, and Jeh denies that anything happened to her. Piya as usual cannot understand what is happening around her.

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