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Hindi TV Serial – Pratigya – Kidnapping of Sajjan Singh, and the involvement of family

Pratigya is going through a strange face which shows the involvement of family members in crime involved at their own relatives. At the time of the celebration of the birth of Shakti’s son, suddenly Sajjan Singh is found missing, and nobody is able to find him. To the shock and then anger to the family, they receive word that SS has been kidnapped and a huge sum of Rs. 5 crore was demanded for his safe return. Krishna gets involved in getting the money, which means using the cash found in the house, but when Krishna mentions about selling the property that is in Shakti’s name, Shakti refuses to sell the property for getting the money.
However, when the entire sum has been assembled, Shakti takes on the responsibility of getting the money to the kidnapper, but soon the money is found missing. Actually, it turns out that Shakti sees this as a good way to get some money without any issues, and tries to steal the money (no matter that this can impact the life and well-being of his own father). After this, Shakti is caught, and the person who catches him turns out to be his own mama (Amma’s brother Sankat Singh), who is the main brain behind the kidnapping and who wants to get some easy money along with his associate. So, Sankat Singh forces Shakti to get the hidden money and pay it, and it turns out that Krishna in the meantime has taken matters into his own hands. Even when Sajjan Singh is going to be released, Krishna barges into the home of the main person involved, Makhan Singh, and kidnaps his daughter Sunheri, carrying her home with him.
Many of the people in his own home condemn him for this, primarily Pratigya. However, for now, Krishna is in no mood to listen to Pratigya, and decides that he will not release Sunheri, and if anybody tries to get in the way, they will face his fury. It’s only Amma who does not say anything to him, and even when Sankat Singh tries to get involved, Krishna threatens him with his gun for interfering in the manner.

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