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Hindi TV Serial – Adalat – The story of the Indian lawyer who is always successful

Typically, the hero in serials is a guy who is totally honest, dedicated to his values, and overall a very good guy. However, when you make a lawyer as the hero, who needs to defend his clients, defeat a tight case from the prosecution side, and overall be successful, then the lawyer will need to take some liberties with honesty in order to win cases.
And here you have Ronit Roy in the role of KD Pathak (the full form of the KD remains a mystery, and when somebody asks him, he refuses to explain the full form of the name). Actually, KD Pathak is almost a super-hero. He does not have a detailed investigation firm, he does not keep running from place to place to investigate, and he does not have any super-human strength. And yet, when he takes cases (and he only takes cases where his clients have been accused of a murder charge, and the police seem to have a case where the client is in a difficult condition), he remains convinced that his client is innocent and keep on lawyering and investigating until he manages to get the actually guilty person to confess their crime (typically in court, but sometimes once in a while outside the court).
So, every episode, you have a person caught in a crime scene where the circumstances and situation make the accused seem guilty, and then KD Pathak gets into the act. He starts getting into the courtroom, trying to reveal which witnesses are lying, which ones are hiding something, and sometimes the witness may know something that is significant. Once in a while, KD gets into danger, and once he was even buried alive in a grave and was rescued just in the nick of time.

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