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Hindi TV Serial – Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani – Confused situation with respect to fighting

The battle between Siddharth and Abhay was so simple. Siddharth was the elder vampire, fighting to defeat his brother and his parents (all of them vampires); they tried to manipulate situations against each other, and then more confusion about the re-emergence of Mythili in the form of a vampire after a couple of centuries, and the confused Piya in the midst of all this. Abhay finally defeated Siddharth, and then Mythili put Abhay in a deep sleep. What caused confusion was the presence of a werewolf who was supporting Siddharth, and in the end, Abhay manages to end both Siddharth and the werewolf.
However, then the serial took a turn where Abhay was finally brought out of the deep-freeze through the efforts of Piya (who was not sure about the connection between her and Abhay since Abhay had wiped out all her memories of an year); and there was the presence of the werewolves (the family of Gaurav, the one who Abhay had killed earlier). So, it was simple, that it was the confrontation between the werewolves (led by Dipannitas) vs. the vampires (the Raichands, where Abhay was leading the effort).
In the middle are the Dobriyals, with 3 daughters, who are all involved in some way or the other with these 2 sets of families, and who periodically are confused over what is happening all around them. Now, Arnab seems to have figured out that the Raichands are vampires, and wants to expose them (and they keep on arriving at his house for him to expose them); the next situation is that Dipannita wants to take revenge on Piya for whatever happened to her son Gaurav (who is not yet fully dead in some form – he is still present in a coffin, and Dipannita wants to bring him back).
Dipannita attacks Chand and Hasina, but Abhay comes in between and stakes her, with Piya thinking that Abhay has killed Dipannita, but Dipannita is saved through the combination of her daughter Alina and using the presence of the undead Gaurav (who because of being used for saving Dipannita cannot be brought back to life); and then Jah also does not really like targeting Piya (but is possessed by Gaurav when he attacks Piya). It really is getting very confusing.

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