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Hindi TV Serial – Uttaran – Tapasya just about to get married, goes out for some time to meet and scold Veer

Finally the day of Tapasya and Rathod’s marriage is oncoming. Rathod has been shown to be very firm, and also loves Tapasya a lot. So, whenever Tappu makes a mistake, he admonishes her firmly (but without getting hyper) and advising about her about what needs to be done. So, when she misbehaves in the house, he tells her off about what will be tolerated and what will not be. Further, he does the right thing by telling her that she needs to be confident that she is right in marrying Rathod, not out of revenge or anger at Veer. Tapasya is trying to be confident that she likes the love of Rathod, and she no longer has an attachment for Veer ever since Veer asked her to leave the house and she also lost her daughter.
For the marriage, Jogi Thakur has refused to go, and also cut off all relations with his own daughter, but his wife wants to go. At the marriage, she also comes in contact with Nani and they have a small drama about how Nani has caused the problems in their life by the wrong beliefs that she inculcated in Tapasya.
At the same time, Tappu shocks Nani by stating that she will need to go out very briefly, and that nani will need to cover for her in that time period; Nani is shocked, after all, who leaves the house just before their marriage, but as usual, Tappu does not listen to her. Tappu leaves and goes to meet Veer (called by deceit), and shows him how she is getting married, and how she has finally found somebody who loves and respects her, and more important, also understands her. They have a brief shouting match in which Tappu blames Veer for the loss of her child.

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