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Hindi TV Serial – Geet – Drama in the house, Mann forgets his memory, and Nayantara upto all sorts of trouble

Geet is going through a lot of drama in the serial, both outside and inside the serial. So, outside the serial, there was a lot of drama about whether the serial will end in October, or whether the serial will continue in a twist where both Mann and Geet with die and then be reincarnated. Well, that seems to be over now, with the serial coming to an end in October (the serial seems to be taking a different sort of branding in the future).
Inside the serial, the serial has a lot of drama. In the clash with Dev’s mother, Mann was hit hard on the head, because of which he lost his memory for around 1 year, and as a result, he forgot Geet, as well as whatever Nayantara had done. So, Geet is in the house, but is introduced as somebody else who would be helping him.
Now that Mann is back, he soon gets irritated with Geet, especially since he cannot understand why Geet is everywhere; and then learns that Geet is his wife. This causes him a shock, but does not lessen his level of irritation. This keeps on happening, till the time that he actually accuses her of behaving very improperly in terms of business; and soon after, learns that actually things were not so; Geet was the one who actually helped in ensuring that important clients were looked after.
Nayanatara is also out of her coma, and back to her wrong ways; she also does not really like the idea of Nandini being there in Dev’s life and eventually kidnaps Nandini, and tells Geet that Geet needs to gets Mann’s signature on everything, else a lot of harm will come to Nandini. The stage is set of a massive confrontation.

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