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Hindi TV Serial – Sasural Simar Ka – Story of a girl who is fond of dance and the impact of this

This story seems somewhat unbelievable. You can have stories in the movies about how children can defy their parents, but somehow, when you see the setting of this serial, it can be difficult to believe. The story is about a girl called Simar from a traditional small town family. Her father is the decision maker in the house, and it is impossible for anybody in the house to defy him (to the extent that when the father locks the TV when he goes out, nobody can oppose him). One of his daughter is called Simar, and she is respectful of her father, and at the same time, is very fond of dancing. But, given the values of the family, it is impossible for her to do anything more than think of dancing. So, how do they show a whole system whereby she first goes to a dance competition when she knows that it is not possible, especially when this is the day when people are coming to see her.
Then, after some adventures, her fiancee gets to know, but forgives her with a condition that she does not dance again; yet, she gets blackmailed again to go for the final dance contest, again on a day that is extremely important – the day when she is to get married. She tries to time it (with the support of her sister, a neighbor and her bua; impossible to believe that all of these people believe that they can get away with it – and that too with the competition coming on national TV).
She does get to the competition, but is not able to come in town quickly enough that the obvious happens, her sister Roli gets married instead of her (although people cannot make out that the marriage is of Roli, and not Simar); so now it is Roli who is married but Simar is the one who is supposed to be the one to marry. And now Prem (her husband) learnt that Simar was dancing on the day of her marriage, and is furious. How will Simar explain herself ?

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