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Hindi TV Serial – Pratigya – Sajjan Singh back, takes revenge on those who assisted in his kidnapping

The serial is going through the aftermath of the kidnapping issue. Soon after Krishna kidnapped Sunheri (the daughter of the kidnapper), things started getting more complex. The kidnapper (along with Amma’s brother (who was also involved in the kidnapping)) got very angry when his daughter was kidnapped, and threatened Sankat Singh (Amma’s brother) with harm, unless his daughter was released. Shakthi also tried to do the same thing, since he was eyeing the money earlier (and hence was threatened by Sankat Singh to make sure that he followed the lead of Sankat Singh. However, Krishna refused to listen to anything and was in a ferocious state. Even when Pratigya told him that he was doing wrong, he refused to listen, and told Pratigya to not interfere.
However, over a period of time, Krishna got mollified, and finally agreed to release Sunheri – he dropped her off at her house soon after (although Amma kept protesting at this). Once this happened, the release of Sajjan Singh got much easier, and he soon headed off to home, to the happiness of everyone involved. However, in the time that he was kidnapped, he did hear the distinctive ringtone of his brother-in-law (Amma’s brother) and decided that he would take his revenge later.
So, when Sajjan came back, he was internally furious, threatening that he would take revenge on everybody who was involved in the kidnapping, and he decided that his brother-in-law would have to pay for whatever he did. So, he gifted a new jeep, but had removed the brakes of the jeep, and when the jeep had an accident, the brother-in-law got severely injured in the legs.

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