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Hindi TV Serial – Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani – Dipannita in jail and in danger

For some time now, there serial has been showing a deep conflict between the two families, the Khuranas (werewolves) and the Raichands (vampires), with the concept being that vampires and werewolves being traditional and historic enemies who cannot stand to see each other. By now, the Raichands are also aware that it is the Khuranas who are the werewolves, and the real danger to them. Both of them use another rich family, the Dobriyals, as their pawns (and the Dobriyals are always confused with what is going on, since they cannot make out what is happening – even though individually they suspect what is happening; so Arnav saw that Haseena does not have a reflection in the mirror and is now pretty sure that she is a vampire; then Piya saw Abhay drive a wooden stake into Dipannita in the jungle, but later Dipannita was alive and well).
The rivalry is getting more intense, with Dipannita attempting to kill Chand and Haseena in the jungle, after which Abhay tries to kill dipannita with a wooden stake, but she is saved by her children (although they have to give up any chances to resurrect their older brother gaurav, for which Dipannita is very angry). The business rivalry also intensifies, with both of them attempting to spy into each other’s offices and see what is happening.
One of this spying is the next attempt by Dipannita, when one of her office employees is hired by Haseena; Dipannita goes to the employees house when no one else is there and kills the employee, blaming Haseena for the murder, and the police arrest Haseena. However, Abhay turns the tables on dipannita by getting a girl to claim that she knows that Dipannita is the killer, and when Dipannita attacks the girl, by trying to kill the girl. Abhay saves her, and then the police arrest Dipannita for the murder.

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