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Hindi TV Serial – Pratigya – Sajjan Singh finally marries Ganga and brings her home

So the wily thakur finally does what he had wanted for some time. Ever since Sajjan Singh had got Ganga to the residence from her father (instead of the debts that he was owed), everybody in the family was somewhat unsure of his intentions. Amma was noticeably disturbed and tried her best to keep Sajjan Singh away from Ganga, and also otherwise ill-treated Ganga, scolding her and berating here wherever possible.
It was when Sajjan Singh came back after being kidnapped that he finally announced that he would marry Ganga and make her his second wife. This led to a huge upheaval in the house; Amma was shocked and planned with shakti to take away Ganga in the dead of night and leave her at her house; Komal told her father that he better not do anything that would embarrass the family and that he should not be thinking of marrying now that he had grand-children. Krishna and Pratigya also opposed this, and all this was making Sajjan get angry and start working out a plan. When Pratigya scared away the pandit who was supposed to be doing the marriage by claiming that he would assist in something illegal, it seemed over. And then Sajjan told everybody that he had understood, and that he would send Ganga back to her family – this finally made everybody relieved. However, Sajjan had other plans; he took Ganga out and got married to her and then brought her back.
So, now Ganga is in the house and nobody is happy. And Ganga has come back with a strong attitude, telling everybody that she is the younger thakurain of the house and everybody has to listen to her. She even tells Piyasiya to leave when she does not listen to Ganga, and Sajjan Singh backs her up.

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