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Hindi TV Serial – Bade Acche Lagte Hai – Ram has a falling out with Vikram over the theft of a necklace

The serial started out with some light hearted behavior, but as the 2 new brides move into their new houses, things will get more complicated. Priya has started expressing her opinions to Ram, and this raises sparks often enough since Ram has got used to the idea of being able to do what he wants, without anybody interfering with him. So, the concept of somebody moving into his house and telling him what to do can complicate things enough. Also, when he yells at her, she does not take this lightly and replies back to him in the same tone, increasing the discomfort he feels.
Things get more complicated when an antique necklace is brought home so that it can be presented to the new daughter-in-law of the house. However, Ram’s stepmother cannot stand the concept of this huge necklace going to that girl from the small household, and wants the necklace for Siddharth’s wife, whenever she comes to the house.
So they plan a trick whereby they will steal the necklace, and in such a way that no suspicion will come on them. So, Siddharth convinces Vikram to take the necklace from the safe for safe-keeping (and all this is dutifully recorded by the CCTV camera). Soon after, her brother picks the pocket of Vikram and takes the necklace and turns it over to Siddharth and his mother. When it is found that the necklace is missing, the footage of the CCTV is shown and Vikram is seen to be taking the necklace. As a result, Ram has an uncomfortable discussion with Vikram where Vikram gets the concept that he is being accused of stealing the necklace, and when he points out that Siddharth told him to do so, he is shocked when Siddharth denies it. As a result, Vikram eventually leaves, and then decides to quit the company as well.

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