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Hindi TV Serial – Adalat / CID – Ensuring that there is always denial of the paranormal

Sony has a range of crime based serials that occur over the weekends. These can be pretty interesting for the viewers, although some of them seem comical for other viewers. A combination of Adalat, CID, and Crime Reporter all cover crime, with the first 2 being more about fiction, and the Crime Reporter being a dramatized version of real life events that are pretty horrible.
One fact that comes out in all the serials relates to the fact that even though they cover many different types of crime, all of them avoid in any way anything that justifies the paranormal or the concept of ghosts or spirits.
CID has taken many episodes where the scene is such that people believe that a murder has been committed by the spirits, and always, the officials in the serial refuse to believe that there are any kind of ghosts or spirits that exist. It’s only Freddy who is shown as being afraid of ghosts or spirits. Even Freddie however takes part in these cases. So you can have these investigators running after ghosts in deserted buildings, or chasing a ghost in an old haveli, or many other such situations.
In many cases, the scene is such that there seems to be an obvious ghost in the scenario, yet they manage to do the investigation, and find that out that actually this is being done by somebody for a specific motive, and are able to break the chain and find out what really happened. The same thing happens in Adalat where people claim to use black magic or other similar items, and eventually KD discovers the reality and shows that there is no magic, no ghosts, and others.

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