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Hindi TV Serial – Saas Bin Sasural – Toasty and Malti to try and resolve some tensions

The show keeps on getting in a mode where there is tension between the brothers, and then time is spent in trying to resolving such issues. One major issue was resolved where Malti was brought into the house by resolving the tension between her and Pashu, and objections of others was resolved to some degree (although Ved still projects a great deal of hostility and tension). However, Toasty was also trying to resolve this by ensuring that Malti was in a position to do everything in the house and replacing the prominent position of Toasty.
Things seem to be getting worse in terms of tension between the brothers. Pashu objects to the pressure on Malti, stating that people forget that the same pressure was there on Toasty when she came in, and she had to face the same kind of pressures and problems, and was able to deal with them. However, Tej objects to the name of Toasty being brought in, and the tension between Pashu and Tej increases.
This becomes much more significant when there is an issue relating to the shop. There is an amount of stock of the sarees getting spoiled because of rain, and the vendor who supplied the sarees shows dissatisfaction about the business practices being followed. Pashu gets very angry at what has happened, and takes his anger out at Tej in front of all the customers. Tej is very angry at this, and goes off to this inlaws house to talk to Toasty about this. Toasty’s mother overhears about this, and is concerned even though her husband states that this is their internal matter and the parents should not be involved in this.

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