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Hindi TV Serial – Bade Acche Lagte Hai – Priya sorts out the issues between Ram and Vikram

Finally they show Priya taking some more action. So far, they have shown her to be feisty, not willing to take any scolding or argument from Ram wherever Ram has suddenly grown angry. In addition, she has taken action wherever she has felt the need, even when it may be something over which Ram may not have been very happy. So, when the dispute between Ram and Vikram happens, she tries to sort some things out by going to Vikram’s house, but Vikram’s wife is really angry over what has happened, and does even let Priya enter the house, instead subjecting her to a lot of scolding. This does not deter Priya in any way, and she decides to get some more advice, by talking to her dad. He gives her some advice, and which seems to her to be the best way. Ram on the other hand is very upset over what has happened with regard to the necklace and with Vikram, and does not approve of any actions she takes.
And then she notices something; she discovers that there is a camera in the basement; and remembers that the camera screen was shut when the party was going on. And then she notices Siddharth behaving a bit strangely, and she follows him (and he is of course stupid, not suspecting anything); and finds that he was just re-checking that the necklace is still there where he has left it. She makes a plan to ensure that things get well between Ram and vikram, and Siddharth is also exposed.
So, Vikram comes to the house and confesses that he later found the necklace in his car and he has got it back. This confuses the others in the house, and Siddharth is sent to re-check. At this time, Priya takes everybody to the camera room, where they can see through the camera in the basement, and it is pretty clear that Siddharth always knew where the necklace is. This ensures that Ram’s anger is directed at Siddharth and things work out between Ram and Vikram.

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