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Navya – After tension, finally a decision for the marriage between Navya and Anant

The serial is showing tension between the families. For some time now, as the relationship between Anant and Navya blossomed, their families were not aware. Both live in conservative families, with Anant’s family being very conservative, not so easily ready to consider that their son could have found somebody on his own, that too from a family which does not match their own financial position and status. On the other hand, Navya’s family is conservative, but also feels for the happiness of Navya; so when they get to know about this relationship, her father Deepak decides to try and meet Anant’s family in order to talk about the future of the relationship. This something that is very difficult in Anant’s family, but eventually, when Deepak does call Anant’s father, Om, Om decides to meet Deepak.
However, when Deepak reaches their house, he is made known that the relationship is not possible, that such a match cannot happen. He is hurt but more so when Anant’s grandmom makes comments on the morals of their house and of their daughter in terms of how could she try to get into a relationship. He comes back from there very disappointed.
When Anant finds out, he is very angry. He confronts his father, gets slapped by him, and then decides to leave the house. His father does not try to stop him, but when the all powerful grandfather gets to know, he tries to make some amends. He knows that Anant also has hot blood, and if they want to ensure that Anant comes back to the family, maybe agreeing to the marriage is the best solution. So, now the families have agreed to the marriage, but there will be more hurdles on the way.

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