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Hindi TV Serial – Uttaran – Ichcha keeps on getting insulted, and keeps on taking it

Sometimes they should show good things also happening. What they have shown in the case of Ichcha is a dumb girl who takes shit from everyone and still does not retaliate. Even in the Gita, it says that you should not tolerate evil, and yet so many times in the past, when they have shown behavior from different people to Ichcha, she takes it all and does not even set the right perspective. This is not the right attitude to show or to set a right belief to your children; and now that Ichcha is playing mother to 2 children, she will make her children such that they will tolerate all wrong-doing and not set things right.
So, Ichcha is facing problems everywhere. First, on the happy occasion when she is about to become a mother and give birth to a child, Nani manages to bribe the nurse, show a dead child and take away Ichcha’s and Veer’s child (and she is easily able to do this, while you would think that such a thing would be pretty difficult). Next, Ichcha and Veer make a foolhardy decision that they will not try to have children of their, since they already have 2 kids (without considering about the opinions of others in the family, especially the elders). She runs into Mai, who considers this a very stupid idea, and maybe she is right. One wonders about how thought through the whole decision was.
Next, Ichcha has decided not to go to Tapu’s and Rathod’s house for their function, and yet Nani manages to take her there (when one would think that Nani should be the last person to whom Ichcha should be listening to). Over there, Ichcha hears the kid crying, and goes there, and when Tapu finds her there, the behaviour of Ichcha is so suspicious that anyone would start doubting her intentions. Nani of course is in full flow.

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