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Hindi TV Serial – Pratigya – Ganga moving away from Sajjan Singh, towards Gunga

Imagine the situation. The patriarch of the family has married a young girl in a lot of anticipation, but she thwarts all his desires, and then starts falling for the young servant of the house, Gunga (who is literally dumb and cannot say anything). Imagine the shock to everyone when somebody see such a thing happening.
This is the exact situation that is currently happening in Pratigya. After a lot of opposition, SS married Ganga (with his children, his mother, and his existing wife) all opposing this decision. In fact, SS deceived them when he said that he was taking Ganga back to her parents, and then decided to marry her in a temple and bring her back to the house as his wife; his family accepted her in the house since the did not have an alternative, but have not forgiven him.
But one of the objectives for which SS married Ganga did not happen, since she refuses to let him touch her. For Ganga, marriage to SS makes her a person with power and authority, specially over those who were just treating her like a maid earlier. But, she does not fully realize the physical relation between a husband and wife, specially the demands made by the husband, and rejects all the advances made by SS. This makes SS very angry, since his family is anyhow cut up with him over this marriage, and if his wife is also not letting him touch her, it increases the amount of frustration incredibly.
And then when his mother tells him that the Diwali puja will only be allowed if Ganga is not permitted, he finally agrees, which shocks Ganga a lot. She is starting to see her power diminishing. And then, in the middle of a private Diwali celebration with Gunga, they hug, something that is seen by Pratigya, which shocks her a lot.

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