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Hindi TV Serial – Parichay – Family members trying to get Siddhi and Kunal to spend time together

The serial has already completed 50 episodes, and it seems to have barely started. The serial has just started (and it is a huge contrast to some of the serials that would only last 13 episodes, but there are very few such serials that happen nowadays). The death of the most successful son of the family in a bomb blast, Anand, has hit the family hard and caused huge changes in the life of the elder son of the family, Kunal. He has had to take on the responsibility of the house, and in a twist of fate, was also expected to marry Siddhi, his late brother’s fiancee; and this was probably the biggest change in his life.
So now life is settling in with Siddhi and Kunal. They don’t feel like a husband and wife and certainly don’t have the type of relations that you expect between a husband and wife. The rest of the family plots on how to get them to spend some time together, and come across the idea of going for a dinner only between Kunal and Siddi. Now, if this dinner is suggested, Kunal would not agree, so the plan is that for the dinner to be planned for the family and Kunal and Siddi to be sent there separately making some excuse, and the other family members not to come later. By the time Kunal figures out the strategy, it is too late and he is already at the restaurant.
Another nice sight in the serial was when Siddhi helps the children celebrate Diwali, even though they would not normally do so because of the death of Anand; but Siddhi explains her intent, and the questions that the children asked, which caused her to change her mind. And it is very bad to attribute any ulterior motives to her, since she was the fiancee of the dead person, and would remember the loss of Anand the most.

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