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Hindi TV Serial – Uttaran – Trouble between Nani / Tapasya and Iccha, more plotting

Nani has been portrayed to be one of the most villain like characters on the serial. She has a set of beliefs, a lot of them based on the difference between rich and poor people, and she projects them onto Tapasya a lot. Over a period of time, these have actually caused the problems and complexes suffered by Tapasya to become so enhanced that Tappu has some to a lot of problems; and even though all the people around her know about these problems, she believes that she has been more sinned against rather than causing a lot of problems herself.
The other problem is that Iccha does a lot of stuff that can be thought of as stupid; her actions cause her problems a lot, and it is only because people have recognized that she is not cunning or shrewd that she manages to get out of the problems into which she has entered. The latest problem is where Nani and Tappu plan to disrupt the relationship between Veer and Ichcha, using the excuse of Ichcha breast-feeding Tapu’s child (which is actually Ichcha’s supposedly dead child).
So, since Nani and Tapu have found out that Rathod is getting Ichcha to feed Yuvraj, they want to take revenge on Ichcha (with a lot of jealousy, not bothered by the fact that because of Ichcha, Yuvraj is getting something to eat and is as a result, more healthy). They decide that it would be best to snare Ichcha in a position where Veer would think that there is something shady, and this would cause tension in Ichcha’s life. So, they plot that one a day, Tapu would remain at home, and as a result, Rathod would have to call Ichcha to a hotel room, where they would get Veer to come there and see both Ichcha and Rathod in a room (and also get the police to come there).
A scandal does not happen, since the police are controlled, but Veer does see both of them and is very angry when he hears the story, since he expects that Ichcha should have told him about all this instead of proceeding. Ichcha is upset at upsetting Veer, and Rathod wants to find out how the police came to know.

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