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Hindi TV Serial – Diya Aur Bati Hum – Some tension in the household, with Sandhya holding firm

The story is still progressing a bit slowly. Sandhya feels stifled in the house, especially when she sees the condition of the ladies in the house, and this is further increased by the attempts of her sister-in-law to increase the tension in the house. The latest episode to cause problems is when Sandhya goes for voting; she has always been told by her father that voting is the moral duty of every citizen, and hence she went for voting.
Her voting is noticed by her sister-in-law, who sees the mark on her finger and who tells Bhabho that Sandhya had gone for voting. Bhabho is very angry at this and wants to give her a punishment, but her father-in-law wants to reduce the tension by asking Sandhya to touch the feet of Bhabho and ask for forgiveness since she did not know the rule in the house about not voting; Sandhya touches her feet but refuses to accept that she did something wrong; this makes Bhabho very angry and determined to go ahead with the punishment.
So, since there will be no water in the house for 3 days, Bhabho orders Sandhya to fill water in large containers by getting the water from outside; Sandhya goes ahead and does this job although it means back-breaking work for 3 and more hours. Bhabho does not stop even when told that all the neighbors are seeing and wondering as to what is happening – she wants Sandhya to feel the punishment and back down. When Sooraj comes back, he says that she went for voting with his support, since her father had told her that this was a duty.
When all this is over, Sandhya’s have bruises and boils, and Suraj applies balm on them; he also explains that long back, Bhabho was asked to vote for a particular party and when she refused, she was beaten up, and hence the rule about not voting.

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