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Hindi TV Serial – Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani – The serial coming to an end

The serial finally coming to an end. It was an interesting serial, since if you think of a serial with vampires and werewolves, you would think of the serial to be a horror serial, and many people would ignore such a serial. However, given the story of the serial, focusing on vampires and werewolves who live along with humans without being recognized, things get more interesting. The story focused on the love story between a vampire (who is immortal, and is also recognized as a non-living being) and a human (who becomes aware that the other is a vampire).
Things get very complex near the end, with werewolves and vampires fighting for a treasured potion that gives powers to the owner of the potion, and with a renegade vampire who is much more powerful than most vampires and werewolves (although no reasons are given as to how Mythili became so powerful), with Alina being the werewolf who would have been the nature leader of the werewolves in the fight against vampires, but who wants peace between these 2 types of ancient creatures. Further, in another twist, Arnav, is called away by the vampires and made the head of the vampire clan, leaving his family unaware of his fate and causing them great distress.
The serial ends with the fighting Jay (who wants to kill Abhay, who is now weak because he is a human) capturing Abhay and trying to kill him, but instead being killed by Arnav. In addition, Chand and Haseena are freed by the vampires (although they are vampires themselves) along with arnav and Abhay. 2 sets of marriages happen, where Misha gets married to Kabir, and finally Piya is getting married to Abhay in a grand event.
The last few months of the serial was very confusing, but it is now over.

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