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Hindi TV Serial – Balika Vadhu – Gauri getting a few setbacks, with eviction from her apartment and money cut off

The last few episodes have seen a major set of problems for Gauri and Jagya. Their landlord, who was very supportive of them, found out that Gauri was in fact the second woman when the first wife was still alive and there was no divorce, and she was shocked since she never knew about all of this. She decides to turn them out of the house, and as she explained, she was in a similar position where her husband had left her for another woman and she could never accept that somebody who put another lady in a bad position was occupying her apartment. In addition, she also learnt that they were married only for 1 year, while they were staying in her apartment pretending to be married for 2 years. Now, they had to find a new house which would cost more and which was also located some more distance away from the hospital.
They are also running out of money, and Gauri used to be getting money on a monthly basis for her education from her Bade Papa, but suddenly found that the money that was coming in was not there this month. After some amount of delay, she got in touch with her Bade Papa was in for a severe shock. He severely scolded her for the way that she was marrying somebody who was already married and who had left his earlier wife and not got divorced. And then he told her that the person who was actually supplying the money for education on a regular basis was actually Bhairon Singh, from the time when she was married off to Jagat in her childhood and then the marriage was broken.
Now, since her education is over, and she is also in such a condition, the money has been stopped; at this news that the money was coming in from Bhairon Singh, she wants to go to Jetsar.
In the haveli, there is a small amount of tension since Nandu is not listening to his mother, but instead is listening to Anandi more, and this makes Gehna uncomfortable.

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