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Hindi TV Serial – Diya Aur Bati Hum – Bhabho out of jail, now the truth about Sandhya’s education

The serial is slowly showing how Sandhya is adjusting to her inlaws place, even with the gap between her parental house education levels and that of her inlaws. Further, her inlaws have been told that she is not very educated, while that is not true. So she is apprehensive of them getting to know the truth, and not being happy about being lied to to. All her inlaws have been told that she is a 7th pass, while she was in actuality studying BA.
The serial also shows how Sandhya is slowly adjusting to her life, understanding her husband and her inlaws house; she is starting to understand the good nature of Sooraj much more along with the nature of her inlaws much more, and even starting to appreciate the slightly tough nature of Bhabho. Things get a bit hairy when Bhabho is taken to jail by police, right in front of everybody, for abuse of her; Sandhya tries to help out Bhabho through arranging for some legal advice, and finally Bhabho comes back home after being released from police custody after the complaint is taken back by Meenakshi, and everything is forgiven.
Now, the biggest drama is about the revealing of the education level of Sandhya. She accomplished the task of being 3rd in the state and as a result, her photograph was published in the paper, including the paper that came to the household. Due to some drama, the photo in the paper was destroyed and hence people in the home were not able to see this, Sooraj however saw the photo and finally managed to figure out her accomplishment and realize her education level. But, the women in the neighborhood will come to the household.

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