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Hindi TV Serial – Adalat – Mistakes shown in the recent episodes of the show

Typically, although the show had a lot of antics in the case, and had mistakes in the legal and judicial system in the show, there were not too many seemingly obvious mistakes. However, recent episodes had some major mistakes that seemed worse than what was possible; maybe they had stopped doing any consultation before releasing […]

Hindi TV Serial – Pavitra Rishta – Fate bring back the family members together

Pavitra Rishta is getting back the story after a 18 year leap. Just before the leap, Manav had separated from Archana and there was a gap where they were separate for 18 years, with Savita being the brain behind this separation. However, after the story picks up, there are sequences which seem to bring them […]

Hindi TV Serial – Parichay – Fight between Richa and Siddhi, and Richa’s attempts to trap Kunal

Ever since the sudden marriage of Siddhi and Kunal, after the death of Kunal’s brother Anand, the person most impacted was Richa, who was (is) in love with Kunal and could not stand to see Kunal married to somebody else. She believes that the relationship between Kunal and Siddhi is based on a compromise and […]

Hindi TV Serial – Pavitra Rishta – 18 years later, Archana and Manav meet, just for Manav to talk to her about divorce

Ever since a few months back, the serial showed a sudden turn of events where Savita created the separation between Archana and Manav by poisoning the mind of Manav against the various actions of Archana, and then Archana also doing her bit to further push off Manav; she handed over her baby to Varsha even […]