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Hindi TV Serial – Parichay – Marriage between Rohit and Raveena is broken up at the temple

The situation is getting serious. Raveena’s marriage has been fixed with Vikram, who is positively besotted with her, and she did not say no to the marriage. The complication is that she has fallen in love with Rohit, the brother of Richa Thakral. Now, Rohit is a positive flirt, and everybody else in the family is aware of his reputation, and would never have wanted Rohit to come anywhere near Raveena. Richa knows about this, but since she keeps on looking for ways to bring distances between Kunal and Sidhi, she does not say anything (and of course, no one would ever say that Richa was trying to do good in the serial).
Sidhi comes to know of a relationship between Raveena and Rohit, and is shocked, but she holds back telling others in the family (even though Kunal suspects that she is hiding something) when Raveena convinces her that she has nothing to do with Rohit, and it was only rohit was after her. So, things move ahead.
Things get critical on the day of the wedding, where Raveena and Siddhi go to the parlour even though Gaurav objects; from the parlour, Raveena makes her escape along with Rohit and they decide to go to a temple where Rohit has arranged everything for a wedding. After a lot of hunt, Kunal and his family locate Raveena and Rohit before the pheras can be completed, and Kunal starts hitting Rohit; they also drag Raveena from there and take her back home, unsure of what to do now.
Rohit is all the more shocked when Richa, who has reached there, also slaps him. He accuses her of acting only for her own regard, and not letting his marriage happen; and such a claim of selfishness from her own brother is shocking to Richa. At the house, when Siddhi is accused of knowing about things, Kunal stands up for her and tells that he is sure that she cannot be guilty of letting them elope.

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