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Hindi TV Serial – Phulwa – Abhay saves the life of Phulwa when she almost burns to death in the kitchen

The serial shows a huge amount of drama in the serial, typically based very loosely on the initial life of Phoolan Devi, the most famous female dacoit of the Chambal. Similar to Phoolan Devi, Phulwa is from the Chambal region, with a lot of poverty and oppression, and then picks up the gun to avenge the death of family members, inspired by another dacoit. Over the period of time, she grows up, and then comes the presence of the ACP, Abhay into the village, who is searching for the dacoits.
However, things get complicated when Phulwa believes that she has taken her revenge, but in fact, one of her victims is the brother of the ACP, and his father, the Thakur, wants his revenge on Phulwa. So, in a twist, Pulwa gets married to the ACP, and comes to the house of the Thakur as his daughter-in-law.
This is a horrid thought to the Thakur, and he decides that he will take more steps, and does one of the most usual ways shown in Hindi serials (leaving the gas pipe on, so that whoever burns a match will catch fire). However, by this time, Abhay is starting to like Phulwa, and once he sees that she has caught fire, saves her and brings her to the hospital.
His father is astonished that his son has saved Phulwa, and starts poisoning Abhay’s mind again, till the time that Abhay says that he did a mistake, and takes a cup and cuts his hand, showing that he has shed the blood which had saved Phulwa. What will happen next ? Phulwa has already been told that her life was saved by Abhay, and that he apparently cares for her.

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