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Hindi TV Serial – Adalat – Mistakes shown in the recent episodes of the show

Typically, although the show had a lot of antics in the case, and had mistakes in the legal and judicial system in the show, there were not too many seemingly obvious mistakes. However, recent episodes had some major mistakes that seemed worse than what was possible; maybe they had stopped doing any consultation before releasing the show, or even writing the script.
Typically, the show has a sequence where the defense lawyer does a lot of hard questioning, and is then able to upset the main culprit or others, and manages to provoke them to admit to the crime of murder, and the accused manages to be declared innocent. What used to happen in this case was that the judge would declare the accused free, and order the others to be arrested for trial. This is fair, since the case was not against them, and if they are to be accused of murder, they need to have a fair trial against them (this is the sequence, that if A is accused of murder, KD Pathak manages to show that B is the murderer, and then the judge sets A free, and orders the arrest of B).
However, this was broken in a recent case whereby the judge decided to set the accused free, and then, on the basis of some evidence presented by KD, and the admission by the parties, decided to sentence them to life imprisonment. There was no trial, there was no defense lawyer for them, and suddenly they are sentenced to life imprisonment.
In another recent episode, a young child is tried for murder. Now, children are typically not tried for murder in a regular court, and are instead tried in a juvenile court for any crimes they may have committed, since they are not supposed to be responsible enough in terms of maturity to be tried for serious crimes. And yet, here this young boy was, being tried for murder.

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