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Hindi TV Serial – Uttaran – Lots of developments, Tapasya gone, Vansh killed by Jogi

The serial has seen a lot of developments. For some time now, there was a news that the actress playing the role of Tapasya (Rashmi Desai) wanted to leave the serial, and there was a lot of anticipation about when that would happen. Well, it finally happened. The serial showed that there was a lot of tension that Tapasya had when her old boyfriend Sid turned up, as the younger relation of Tapasya. And Rathod finally had a shock when Tapasya decides to leave, and sends him a note that she will not return, she tried to be good and all, but her past life will not let her be. He hunts for her all over, but is not able to trace her, and it seems like that is the end of Tapasya for the serial, except if there is a change in mind and she decides to come back.
The more major stuff that happened in the serial was the end of the fake Vansh. It was clear that viewers did not appreciate the concept of the fake Vansh, and hence the makers of the serial decided to quickly end the fake Vansh concept fairly quickly. So the episode where Vansh is angry over comments that Iccha has made, and when he sees an opportune occasion, he tries to catch her and rape her. She resists, but it is the sudden presence of Jogi Thakur that ends up saving Iccha, and in the ongoing tussle, Vansh hits his head on the side of the glass table, and dies. So Iccha is saved, but Jogi Thakur is taken away by the police for the murder of Vansh.
And then, the conspiracy is made clear, with Veer showing to the family how Mai was the one involved, and then the family is horrified at what has happened, with everybody blaming Mai for what has happened, and then deciding that she cannot stay in the house anymore. However, Ichcha prevails upon Veer to get Mai back.

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