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Hindi TV Serial – Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon – Arnaav sees Shyam and Khushi together and is shocked

Both Anjali and Shyam seem to be leading charmed lives. Shyaam is desperately in love with Khushi, and wants to get rid of his Rani Sahiba (Anjali) while everybody else believes that Shyam is the ideal husband for Anjali, and that relations between them are excellent; and even Anjali believes the same. This is somewhat surprising since a wife is normally able to understand whether her husband is for her or against her.
So Shyaam is trying a number of attempts to murder Anjali, in a way that it seems like an accident. Some of the ways he is trying is to electrocute her, get her in an accident by failing the brakes of the car, putting a scorpion on her when she is sleeping, trying to get her to burn to death, and so on. However, all these measures don’t really amount to anything, with Anjali seeming to lead a charmed life and not getting affected by any of these measures.
Shyaam is also leading a charmed life, since all these attempts do not draw any suspicion on him, and even Anjali does not suspect anything. Further, even though everybody in Payal’s family already knows all about Shyaam, they are not saying anything, something which should be scaring Shyaam.
Things really start heating up when Shyaam manages to catch Khushi on the roof of the house, since he wants to express his love again to Khushi. On the other side, when Arnaav sees that Anjali just managed to come out of the car accident, he realizes that he should not wait for things, and if he loves Khushi, he should express his love to her right away. However when he sees her, he sees Shyaam hugging Khushi and hears a conversation where he starts to believe that both Khushi and Shyaam are deceiving everybody, and blames both of them.
However, he is not able to tell Anjali the truth, and still wants to ensure that Shyaam is not able to desert Anjali, and thus he will actually marry Khushi (but in a hate relationship) so that Shyaam is not able to desert Anjali for Khushi, especially if Anjali is now pregnant with Shyaam’s child.

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