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Hindi TV Serial – Parichay – The case against Kunal for attempted rape of Richa

The situation between Kunal and Siddhi was getting a bit tense, since Kunal had come to the conclusion that his marrying Siddhi was something that was wrong, and it would not be right for him to be married to his dead brother’s fiancee. Given the way he is, Siddhi knows that it is not right for her to openly oppose, so she manipulates things such that the judge says that they need to spend 6 months together to re-think about the divorce plans, and thus Siddhi gets what she wants. And she deftly manages to blame Kunal for what the judge said.
At the same time, Richa, in response to a challenge from Siddhi, claims that Kunal is only hers and decides to trap him in a situation where he will have no option to come to her and drop Siddhi. So, in a party, she manages to put something in his drink, and after some time, she believes that what she is trying to do is getting done, since she also manages to take him to her room. Siddhi is following them, and is devastated when she sees that Kunal is hugging Richa, and feels that she has lost. However, this is because Kunal believes that it is Siddhi with him, and then conveys to Richa that she is a closed chapter for him, and he is only for Siddhi.
Soon after, a devastated Richa decides on her revenge, and tells her father Thakral that Kunal in fact tried to rape her, and, since Thakral hates Kunal, he comes to their house along with police and gets him arrested for attempted rape. Kunal, after getting bail, decides to fight his own case although Siddhi is worried about what will happen. In the first set of combat in the court, Kunal gets the better of Richa by reciting the story of what happened (atleast from the perspective of Richa), then denies everything and tells Thakral to prove this story. It is seen as a good tactic, and Kunal waits for Siddhi to praise these legal skills of his.

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