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Hindi TV Serial – Parichay – The relation between Siddhi and Kunal gets very strange

The relation between Kunal and Siddhi is getting more complicated by the day. Besides them, only Seema knows to some extent about the relation between them, and she keeps on pushing them for doing more for this relationship, not letting it go down the drain. Even their father Raj is trying to push Kunal to do more about this, showing some emotions about his relation with Siddhi. Raj does not know about the divorce petition that Kunal pushed for, with only Seems knowing about what is happening and pushing for it.
In the middle of the 2 court cases that are so critical to their life; one between Kunal and Siddhi for their divorce where the judge has asked them to come back after 6 months; and the other where Richa has accused Kunal of attempted rape; comes the all important day of Valentine’s Day. Things are critical for the family, but for the moment Kunal has made some advances in the case that was filed against him by Richa, pushing her towards a certain stand and then asking her for proving the accusations that she has made.
On Valentine’s Day, both sets of wives, Seema and Siddhi are expectant of some moves by their husbands towards the relationship, in terms of dinner or some other event, and yet they remain slow. Finally Gaurav asks Seems out for a dinner; but it takes the effort of Raj to get Kunal to take Siddhi out for dinner; and during the dinner, when Siddhi is so happy, Kunal reminds her that she must be suffering and missing Anand, and that he is sorry for whatever is happening and their divorce will soon come through.
Siddhi is now getting very despondent about whether she will be able to change the opinion of Kunal about the wedding, and is now crying her heart out, while Kunal thinks that she is missing Anand so much.

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