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Hindi TV Serials – Kya Huaa Teraa Vaada – The problems and distances faced by a young couple

This is a relatively new serial on Sony TV, which has been given the lucrative 10 PM slot. The serial started on January 30th, 2012. The serial stars the experienced Mona Singh, alongwith Pawan Shankar (screen name being Pradeep Singh; Mona Singh’s name is the same in the serial). The couple live in Mumbai as a normal middle class couple, where Pradeep works in a company (with the usual politics in the company, where he works and his boss takes the credit, and he is looking for a promotion). They are just about ok financially, not well off, with having to save up for special occasions and feeling the pinch of raising 3 kids.
Things come to a head when Pradeep gets fired from his job, instead of the promotion that he was hoping for. However, things start changing once the company gets a new boss, a dynamic lady called Anushka Shankar (played by Mauli Ganguly). It takes some time for Pradeep to recognize her as his former friend from college, somebody who he was ready to marry, but she needed more time since she was ambitious and wanted to build up a career of her own. So, the marriage never happens and then Pradeep marries Mona and builds up a family with her.
However, Anushka notices Pradeep when he has come to pick up his stuff, and calls him back to the job, kicks out his former boss who used to take credit for the work done by Pradeep, and overall boosts up his prestige. At the same time, Pradeep makes a critical mistake when he tells Mona about his boss, but neglects to tell her that this was the same lady to whom he had almost got married. And soon after, Anushka decides that it was a mistake to have not married pradeep earlier and she wants him now; this will cause huge problems in the marriage of Pradeep and Mona.
Even otherwise, there are some tensions in the marriage, since Pradeep believes that Mona no longer gives him as much attention as earlier, probably due to taking care of the children and the house, something which is necessary, but which irritates Pradeep.

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