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Hindi TV Serial – Saubhagyavati Bhava – Will Viraj accept that Jahnvi is dead

You have seen a couple of movies on the same subject (so far), with one movie being Agni Sakshi (in turn being based on an American movie, Sleeping with the Enemy). The concept is of a lady being tortured by her husband, not being able to do much about it, other than bearing it for […]

Hindi TV Serial – Bade Acche Lagte Hai – Sid helping Ayesha, makes Natasha suspicious

There is a complex story going on in Ram’s house. While Niharika is starting to despair that all her plans of separating Ram and Priya are working, she gets even worse news where she learns that Ram is planning on gifting the largest company in the group to Priya (based on a comment he had […]

Hindi TV Serial – Ballika Vadhu – Gauri creates a huge scene, Badi Masi faints and Jagat gets angry

Things are getting more complicated in the serial, and there are questions of morality that cannot be easily answered; yet the serial does not seem to handle them with the complexity that these situations require. Jagat got married in his childhood, and he was fairly happy with the marriage. As he became an adult, both […]

Hindi TV Serial – Uttaran – The time leap happens, 18 years in the future

As happens in many serials when they want to prolong the story, they do a time leap, since that gives them the feeling that this will lead to a refreshing of user interest, introduce new characters, and so on. However, so many serials have done this by now that people are bored, or they lose […]