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Hindi TV Serial – Uttaran – Iccha put into a huge conflict because of having to choose between her children

These hindi serials play on one item to depict tension between husbands and wife. The wife does something noble or pays a huge price for something, but does not keep her husband informed of whatever has happened, and as a result, when there is a problem or the husband is not appreciative, or is offended that she has not told him about everything, she gets very surprised. Something similar is happening in Uttaran. Iccha is married to Veer, and there has already been a case when Veer has told Iccha that she should not hide things from her that are significant, and yet, it happens again.
So, the situation is serious this time. Avinash, the guy who believes that his birthright was stolen from his because of Iccha and all the money willed over to Kanha, wants revenge, and wants all his assets back. So, he kidnaps Yuvraj since he knows that it is Iccha’s child, and he wants to use this pressure to force Iccha to hand Kanha over to Avinash. Rathod is very emotional about his kid disappearing, and is working with the police to find Yuvraj, but so far no luck. When Iccha and Rathod are talking about this, Veer appears and is very angry with Iccha that she has not told him anything so far (not about their child being alive, about being kidnapped, and so on – one things that he is very justified in his anger).
Next, the situation is now at the house. Dadaji and Mai feel that there is no question, after all, Yuvraj is their blood, he is Veer’s son and hence they can easily sacrifice Kanha for this purpose; Iccha on the other hand is not so comfortable with this, since she considers Kanha to be her own child, and hence is ready for any such deal, and so far, Veer is not supporting her since she hid everything from him.

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  • subrata choudhury

    i would really appreciate if any one can give me a link to download doordarshan serial zamin asman of the 9os. it was the title song and the lyrics were _”manzil rasta karwan, har ghadi hai imtehan, mile mile na mile, kya pata zamin asman”. i have tried very hard unsuccessfully. can anybody give me the link please? i am ready to pay if necessary

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