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Hindi TV Serial – Ballika Vadhu – Gauri creates a huge scene, Badi Masi faints and Jagat gets angry

Things are getting more complicated in the serial, and there are questions of morality that cannot be easily answered; yet the serial does not seem to handle them with the complexity that these situations require. Jagat got married in his childhood, and he was fairly happy with the marriage. As he became an adult, both he and Anandi had the option to get the marriage annulled, since this was a child marriage and the law allows the option of stating that this is an illegal marriage. He did not do this, and was happy. Later on, he was given the chance to get higher education, and he decided to take the chance, and so he went off for medical studies. There, not only did he get a higher education, but he also picked up a love interest, which led to his losing interest in Anandi.
When this fact finally came out, he stated that the child marriage was illegal, and that he wanted to get married to Gauri, and not Anandi, and that Anandi was a rustic village girl, and not upto his standards. His family could not tolerate this, and decided to send him away and not support him. Soon, Gauri was pregnant, and he was living his own life in the city, while Anandi was living with his family in the village.
And then the complications started. His Badi Masi, was diagnosed as being critically ill, she had no idea of all this happening, and it was difficult to tell her that Jagat was no longer living with Anandi. So, Jagya came to the village, with a pretence that that everything was fine between him and Anandi; and while Gauri needed his support, she was faced with the fact that she did not know what was happening, and he was back with his family and his first wife. All this, combined with her insecurities, led her to reveal the truth in front of Badi Masi, something which shocked her to the core, and also shocked Jagya a lot. But, this is a very complex situation, and blaming Gauri for everything is not the right way to present such a situation.

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