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Hindi TV Serial – Saubhagyavati Bhava – Will Viraj accept that Jahnvi is dead

You have seen a couple of movies on the same subject (so far), with one movie being Agni Sakshi (in turn being based on an American movie, Sleeping with the Enemy). The concept is of a lady being tortured by her husband, not being able to do much about it, other than bearing it for some time till it went to a high level, and then escaping from there and living with somebody else. Her husband has been made to believe that she is dead, and hence is very surprised when he suddenly sees her alive and married to somebody else. He then pursues her again, with a difference being that she has a husband to support her now and they have a confrontation.
In the serial, Viraj is a well respected and honored person of the city, and married a girl, Jahnvi, from a family much lower in standard to his family. This would seem like a match made in heaven for the girl, but for Jahnvi, this is actually hell. Viraj mis-treats her, beats her, all the while professing a lot of love for her; this is to the extent that she wants to run away (in one case, the guard does not let her run away since he says that Viraj would kill the guard for letting Jahnvi get away).
Even the involvement of Viraj’s grandmother and mother does not really solve issues, and his medical history reveals that he has a mental illness; he shows that he is getting treatment, but he is actually faking it and is not taking any treatment. He shows his psychotic steak when he offers to take her home, and then shows her a scene at her home where all her family is dead, burns the home and takes her around the home as a sort of ceremony around the fire. The next day when she gets up, she sees her parents alive and well.
And then, the accident where she escapes and the situation is rigged up such that the DNA report is faked to make Viraj believe that it is Jahnvi who has died in the accident. Viraj is horrified, but seems to accept that she has died, giving Jahnvi a chance to escape.

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