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Hindi TV Serial – Pavitra Rishta – Manav gets to know that Teju is in Mumbai, driving a taxi

Things are getting more complicated, with people slowly getting to know the truth about many things, but the biggest disclosure, about whether Archana was the one who was demanding money from Manav or not, is something that is not yet clear whether it will be revealed. When they show Sachin showing some good tendencies from time to time, then it seems like that at some point of time, Sachin will tell Manav the truth, but at other points of time, not sure about how the truth will be revealed. however, the serial is taking its own time to reveal everything, with step by step disclosures.
So, for some time now, there was the almost close meetings between Manav and Teju, but this meeting finally happened when Teju was driving the same taxi which was carrying Manav; Manav was shocked to know about this and then calls up Teju and scolds her a lot. But when she finally meets with Manav, she quickly responds back to Manav’s allegations by telling her baba that he also lied to all of them by staying with the same woman that all of them hate, and not telling them about it. And when she listens to the 6 months court condition, she tells him that she will then come to Manav herself once he no longer stays with his wife.
The next big surprise would be when Teju gets to know that Sulochna is her grandmother and Archana is her mother; that will be the biggest surprise since she has been told that they are bad people, after money and who willingly left their own daughters. The other big shock will be when Purvi and Arjun find themselves admitting their attraction to each other.

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